Our team

Meet our amazing staff and volunteers who are the heart of the MIX.


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Kathy McCabe

Sewing; 3D modeling: TinkerCAD; 3D printing

I am a senior research fellow at the Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics here at George Mason University. I first joined the MIX when it was opened in 2016, since then, I have been teaching sewing, 3D printing, and 3D modeling using TinkerCad. Recently, I developed an interest in wearable electronics and is looking forward to combining sewing, 3D printing, soldering, and programming together in my future project .


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Alvin Sin

3D modeling: Inventor, Solidworks, TinkerCAD, OnShape; 3D printing; Virtual Reality (HTC VIVE)

Since I joined my robotics team in high school, I developed my interest in collaborating with peers and mentor to design human-sized robots, while working with advanced technologies such as 3D CAD programs, 3D printers, and various CNC machines. The MIX gave me the opportunity to share my skills and expand my knowledge through collaborating with students and professors here at Mason, and to gain valuable connections among the Mason community and throughout the makerspaces in the NOVA area.

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Ben Covington

My name is Benjamin Covington. I used to live in Harrisonburg and took classes in game design at JMU during the summer. I received an associate's degree of computer science at Blue Ridge Community College before transferring to GMU in the Game Design program. I participated in a drone class last semester which first introduced me to the MIX. I spent three years as a jewelry CAD designer and found that there was interest with using the program Rhino at the MIX. I now am leading the Rhino workshops at the MIX as well as I am co-running the Grasshopper workshops as plugins for Rhino.

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Bryan Poindexter

3D printing; Virtual Reality (HTC VIVE); Prototyping

Nothing is worse than having a passion that you cant follow through. The MIX is like a swiss army knife for creating, destroying, and learning. On top of that, its a great environment with great people. If I'm ever at a loss for inspiration there are sources of it scattered around the room and fun things like VR to do in the meantime.

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Liam Devinney

3D modeling / 3D animation: Blender, 3Ds Max; 3D printing; Virtual Reality (HTC VIVE)

I'm interested in the MIX because it provides a great opportunity for allowing artists and others to learn how to work with new and upcoming technologies like 3D printing and Virtual Reality, and even just how to use tools such as soldering irons and sewing equipment. I just want to teach people how to use the skills I've gathered, to spread the love for the technologies I use, and to make use of the lessons others have to teach me.

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Maddie Tellus

Digital art; Taxidermy and bonework; Anatomy

I busted into the MIX with excitement and a yearning to create and learn something new. I have a fascination for the taboo and unknown, and frequently tinker with what I find around me. Currently, I am working on learning about bone carving and soldering art. I plan on teaching what I know about the basic structure of form and anatomy (both human and not) to whoever will listen. I enjoy collaboration and mutual exchange of information, and will gladly learn from anyone willing to teach.

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Spencer Graves

3D printing & Modeling; Carpentry/Contruction & Fabrication; Electronics & Microcontrollers

The MIX is the perfect environment for the creation and growth of ideas, and I am overjoyed to get to share my skills and talents with the George Mason community. I have always loved making things and the MIX helps me both growing my own ideas as well as helping others ideas to grow.

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Tony Wang

3D modeling: Inventor; 3D printing; Sewing

The reason why I am interested in the MIX is because I see it as what Starbucks was originally, a gathering space for people to come together and be able to do amazing things. I want to see the MIX grow and succeed so that more people in the Mason and greater community can have access to places like the MIX.


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Amanda Jarvis

Sewing; Costume Design; Jewelry Design; Metal Smithing (Jewelry); "Soft Circuits"

I am a collector of hobbies and am always looking to learn or pick up something new. I like to do a little bit of everything and the MIX is the perfect place to surround oneself with inspiring people who are full of new ideas and energy. I have an interest in costume design and integrating electronics into my designs (and more!) Other interests include baking, fermentation, mead and cider homebrew, smoking/curing meats and coffee. I am also a gardener interested in home scale permaculture and hopefully someday a beekeeper.

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Chris Carlson

I study electrical engineering, computer science and physics. My interest are anything involving technology. Currently, I do research on chaotic circuits at the Krasnow institute. I also enjoy playing squash and playing the saxophone. I like volunteering at the mix because it gives me a chance to teach people about what I enjoy doing. I believe that anyone, whether they study art or science, can benefit from the resources provided by the mix.

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Chris Ryan

Automotive repair; Electrical construction; 3D printing

I'm an electrician/mechanic who loves to tinker and bring ideas to life and troubleshoot problems. I first got involved with the MIX when I printed off a house model and then decided that the MIX would be a good place to invest my time.

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Devaraj Dhakshinamurthy

3D printing; Soldering and circuits; Arduino

Sometimes all it takes to ignite a passion can be something as simple as blinking of an LED. When I was a freshman, I was amazed by how cool microcontrollers were, and making robots and tinkering became my hobby. The MIX is a great place for me to sharpen these skills and also teach these skills to other people.

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Harry Liu

3D modeling: Inventor; 3D printing; Adobe Photoshop

I'm interested in the MIX because it provides students with the oportunity to explore and use a 3D printer, and everyone can use it whether you have experince with 3D printing before or not. Everyone can print anything (just as long as you are certified of course). Personally I've used a 3D printer before to print things I made with 3D modeling programs in high school. It is great to be able to continue that in college, and being able to meet new and amazing people at the MIX!

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Josh Denty

Soldering; Appliance repair; Electronics

Working with the MIX allows me to access all the latest technology and brainstorm with the people who know how to use them to their fullest potential. As a firm believer in maker mentality and the use of resourcefulness to fix things rather than replace them, access to cutting edge technology allows me to repair things well beyond the "No user servicable parts" tag. I hope to share these skills with anyone who wants to learn them and experience the gratification that comes with repairing your own things.

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Josh Feldhousen

Design; Writing

I wanted to come to the MIX because I love technology, and one day I want to write about it for places like Gizmodo. The only problem is I'm not the most knowledgeable about it. That's what I hope to change by being here, to jump in head-first into the technical side of 3D printing, building and testing something hand-made, and all the other cool stuff we do here. I also enjoy the D.I.Y. feel of the MIX, and the ability to come in even when I'm not on shift to just hang out (and play VR of course).

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Julien Ward

Technology fascinates me, that being said much of it is all new to me. I started learning about hardware and engineering in high school, getting exposure to Autodesk Inventor, 3D printing, and bandsaws and more. From there I figured I ought to continue venturing out and seeing where I can go with creating things in college and beyond. When I found out about the MIX I knew I found the perfect place for learning more about various facets of technology and engineering.

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Mahogani Harper

Social Media, Marketing

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Matt Beauchamp

3D Printing; Marketing

The marketplace and world in general is always changed by new technologies, and this is what interests me. I want to give people access to new technologies to see what can be done with it. I enjoy teaching people, and working in the MIX allows me to do so while combining my love for technology.